Crystals: Palo Santo (1 stick)

Crystals: Palo Santo (1 stick)

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Palo santo is used for spiritual cleansing & clearing any negative energy. Set a positive intention before lighting up your smudge and allow it to manifest you.

How to use it: 

Step 1: Light the stick

Hold the stick in a flame (use a lighter or candle) till the palo santo is fully lit

Step 2: Extinguish the flame

Gentle blow out the flame or wave the stick to extinguish it 

Step 3: Set a positive intention

Smoke cleanse it around your crystals or sacred space. You can use it to cleanse the corners of a room, your bedside, or anywhere where negative energies are prone to getting stuck, and typically require a little more attention to clear them away.

Estimated usage of one palo santo stick should last up to 6-7 months if used daily.