Bracelet: Lavender Fog

Bracelet: Lavender Fog

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Angel Aura Rose Quartz (8mm): Love, Harmony, Peace, Empathy

Moonstone (6mm): Hope, Abundance, Intuition, Empowerment, Positivity

Pink Peruvian Opal (8mm): Hope and encouragement, Emotional healing, Relieve from stress and anxiety, Express yourself openly.

Aquamarine Hearts: Peace, Inspiration, Growth, Courage, Luck

Sakura Agate (8mm): Protects from fears & self-doubts, enables one to grow and blossom, helps one to manifest their dreams

Blue Jade spacers: Talisman of Peace and Serenity

Angel Aura Rose Quartz (8mm): Love, Harmony, Peace, Empathy

Blue Lace Agate (8mm): Communication, Self expression, also good for calmness

Snow Quartz (6mm): Balance Yin & Yang energy, Teaches patience

NOTE: As these stones are naturally created, they may have some variations in colours, shapes and sizes. No two crystals are the same.

Please allow for slight blemishes, minor variations and natural flaws. Photos capture color and appearance under natural sunlight and can differ with indoor light.

Many crystals are not water-friendly. Try not to wear them in shower or getting them wet. All bracelets will be cleansed before sending out.


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